Black Hen Brewery  
  First Brewday            
  Our first brewday to create our first beer - Cascade Hop Gold 4.7%    
  Hot liquor tank being filled   Measuring aparatus at the ready        
  Bottles donated by friends   HLT up to temperature and venting out the window        
  Fermenting vessel sterilised and ready   Sterilising the cooler        
  10 kilograms or Marris Otter pale malt   Cascade can be used for both bitterness and aroma, and we are        
  Into the mash tun goes the malt   Malt steeping in hot liquor (that's water to you and me)        
  Sparging the mash tun   Wort up to a rolling boil        
  100 grams of Cascade hops in at the start for bittering   100 grams more Cascade at the end for aroma        
  My gosh this smells amazing!   Running the wort through the cooler        
  Mixing the yeast slurry            
      Lid on and waiting for things to get going        
  The copper (boiler) and spent hops            
  Two Weeks Later - Bottling Day            
  After two weeks the ale has completed its first fermentation and is ready to be bottled where it will undergo its secondary fermantation            
  100 bottles sterilised and waiting in the wings   Bottling begins for the very first time        
      75 bottles were filled        
  A few days later - One of the bottles is clear to enable the secondary fermantation and settling process easy to establish. It seems to be going OK